Archive of Exoplanet Transmission Spectra

Exoplanet Transmission Archive
This figure shows all 39 planets listed in the Archive ordered by their SNR from the exo.MAST Observability Table (Mullally et al. 2019, RNAAS)

This page contains downloadable .txt files of the published transmission spectra from peer reviewed papers.

Each .txt file has been compiled individually from the published tables by Dr Hannah Wakeford. Each dataset is converted into the same units and formats from the original publications for better comparison. Where possible I am attempting to update the file headers with added information from the papers including values used for the period, inclination, and a/R*.

Wavelength (µm) | Wavelength uncertainty (µm) | (Rp/R*)^2 | (Rp/R*)^2 uncertainty

The files are listed in alphabetical order of planet name. In some cases multiple files correspond to the same planet, these are listed individually when taken from separate publications.

Each file links to a dropbox file and any changes made by Dr Wakeford automatically update the files. For latest updates see end of page.


This list is not complete and is updated whenever possible by Dr Hannah Wakeford.

If you would like something added to the list please contact her with the publication containing the table of transmission spectrum data.

Figures of the spectra:


Added information on analysis parameters for the first 5 files or so.

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