JWST Compilation Art

On this page you can find some compilation art made by Hannah Wakeford from JWST images and data just because I love showcasing the science that is done with these amazing instruments – please contact me if you would like to use these images.

Full image (1920×1080)

JWST images from the first 2 months of science operations shaped into the mirror segments.

Near complete list of images column left-to-right top-to-bottom: cartwheel galaxy (STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA), WASP-39b exoplanet spectrum JTEC ERS detection of CO2 in exoplanet atmosphere (JTEC-ERS/STScI), CEERS a star forming galaxy at z=0.16 (CEERS), Carina nebula in NIRCam ERO (STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA), Southern ring nebula in NIRCam ERO (STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA), Orion Nebula (), Stephans quintet ERO (STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA), Jupiter (NASA/ESA/CSA, Judy Schmidt), SMACS 0723 ERO (STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA), Calibration star image (STScI), Spiral galaxy (NASA/ESA/CSA, Judy Schmidt), HIP 65426b directly images exoplanet ERS program (STScI/A.Carter), WASP-96b exoplanet spectrum ERO (STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA), Southern ring nebula in MIRI ERO (STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA), WASP-39b transit light curve JTEC ERS program (JTEC-ERS/STScI), Carina nebula in MIRI and NIRCam ERO (STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA), star with strange rings (), Tarantula nebula (STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA), MIRI calibration image (STScI). Many can be found in the official gallery.

Full image (1920×1080)

As above with golden background

Full image (1144×1250)

Artists impression of WASP-39b from the JWST Transiting Exoplanet Community Early Release Science Program (JTEC-ERS) with added atmospheric lens and star with the measured spectrum from NIRSpec Prism showing absorption in the planets atmosphere by carbon dioxide presented by JTEC ERS team+ (2022)

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