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Welcome to my page on our research group at the University of Bristol. I moved to Bristol in Feb 2020 to start a new team researching the atmospheres of exoplanets.


Hannah Wakeford

Dr Hannah Wakeford is an expert in atmospheric characterization of transiting exoplanets. Her work primarily uses spectroscopic time series observations of the planets during transit and eclipse to measure the composition and structure of their atmospheres. You can find her analysis pipelines on GitHub, and other scientific data in the tab above. Dr Wakeford is also on the Executive committee of the STARGATE collaboration (Space Telescopes Advanced Research Group on the Atmospheres of Transiting Exoplanets), an international collaboration to further the research on the characterization exoplanet atmospheres.

PhD students:

Lili Alderson

Lili Alderson is a School of Physics and STFC funded postgraduate student at the University of Bristol working with Dr Wakeford to analyze the transmission spectra of exoplanets using the James Webb Space Telescope. Lili previously completed her MSci with the University of Southampton with a research year spent at the Center for Astrophysics, Harvard | Smithsonian. You can find Lili’s publications on ADS and information on her personal website

Alastair Fraser

Alastair Fraser is a self-funded part-time postgraduate student at the University of Bristol working with Dr Wakeford and Dr Zoë Leinhardt on the formation and populations of giant exoplanets. Alastair previously completed his Masters working at the University of Bristol building and maintaining their Teaching Radio Telescope. Alastair is an engineer and runs a number of successful businesses developing software for various companies.

The University of Bristol has a vibrant and diverse Astrophysics Group. In exoplanet studies Dr Zoë Leinhardt and her team using numerical simulations to model early planet collisions and formation including the effects on atmospheres. You can find their research page HERE.

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