Full CV and publications (download updated 06/2021)

Professional Appointments:

Lecturer in Astrophysics
University of Bristol, School of Physics
(Feb 2020 – Present)

Giacconi Fellow
Space Telescope Science Institute, Science Mission Office
(Nov 2017 – Jan 2020)

Senior Research Fellow.
University of Exeter, Astrophysics Group
(July 2017 – Nov 2017)

NASA Postdoctoral Fellow
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Planetary Systems Lab
(Aug 2015 – May 2017)


PhD Physics
University of Exeter
(2011 – 2015)
Dissertation title: “Cloudy with a chance of water:Investigating hot Jupiter exoplanet atmospheres through observation and analysis”

MPhys Physics with Planetary and Space Physics
University of Wales: Aberystwyth
(2007 – 2011)
Dissertation title: “Relating geomagnetic substorm observations in the upper polar atmosphere to large scale solar CME events”

Masters program taken as part of 4-year MPhys
University Center in Svalbard (UNIS) 
Courses undertaken: Radar diagnostics of space plasma; The upper Polar atmosphere.

Selected Honours and Awards:

2017: Geological Society of Washington’s Bradley award for Best Paper

2016: NASA Robert H. Goddard Honor Award – individual recognition award for scientific achievement

2016: Winner of the NASA@Work public engagement video competition

2015: XMedia Award Winner of Best Show for The Science Hour on XpressionFM

2015: XMedia Award Winner of Best Innovation for Top Female Scientists Card Game by The Science Hour on XpressionFM

2014: National grand prize winner of the “3 Minute Wonder” competition by the Institute of Physics.

2013: South West Regional winner of the “3 Minute Wonder” competition by the Institute of Physics.

2013: BBC Academy Expert Women – selected in the top 3% of all national candidates.


For list of publications please see the publications tab, which contains a link to the full NASA/ADS list.

Press associated releases can be found in the CV/press release tab

Scientific Communication and Public Engagement:

I am an advocate for science communication and public engagement. I particularly enjoy media related work and public talks to engage with large audiences and project scientific research in to the public conversation.

For audio podcasts see Media/Audio tab

For videos and links see Media/Video tab

For developed card decks see Media/Card Sets tab

The following is a truncated list of other media and events for scientific communication in addition to those in the links above.

June 2020: Astronomical Society of Edinburgh, Zoom/YouTube Live – Lockdown public talk
Oct 2019: Astronomy on Tap: Austin, TX, USA – Public talk
Apr 2019: Nerd Night: Baltimore, MD, USA – Public talk
Mar 2019: Astronomy on Tap: Baltimore, MD, USA – Public talk
Feb 2018: Iowa Science Center Planetarium Show – Public Lecture
Feb 2018: Space Telescope Public Lecture Series, STScI, MD – Public Lecture
Dec 2017: BBC Sky at Night Podcast – Expert guest on the TRAPPIST-1 system.
June 2017: Awesome Con, Washington DC, USA – Organizer & Panel Expert for ‘The Total Solar Eclipse from NASA’ and ’Alien Climates on Planets Near and Far’ Public Event
May 2017: Philosophical Society of Washington, Cosmos Club DC – Public lecture
May 2017: Geological Society of Washington, Cosmos Club DC – Public lecture
April 2017: Taste of Science DC – Public lecture
Mar 2017: The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Night Skies in the Observatory – Public lecture
Feb 2017: NASA TV live shots – TRAPPIST-1 press event, expert guest
June 2016: Awesome Con, Washington DC, USA – Organizer & Panel Expert for ‘Exoplanets: Stranger than Fiction’ Public Event
May 2016: Astronomy on Tap DC – Public lecture
May 2016: NASA TV live coverage of Mercury Transit – scientific contributor.
Oct 2015: NASA TV: What’s new in aerospace? Exploring Alien Atmospheres – expert guest
May 2015: Soapbox Science, Exeter city center, UK – Public Event
Mar 2015: BBC Radio Devon, Solar Eclipse Special – science expert
Mar 2015: ITV Regional News, Solar Eclipse Special – science expert
Mar 2015: Solar Eclipse Viewing party, University of Exeter – Organizer & host for local schools and ∼2,000 members of the public.
Jan 2015: Crewkerne Astronomy Society, UK – Public lecture
2014-2015: ITV Regional News, expert guest
Sep 2014: BBC Sky at Night (TV series), “Hunt for E.T”, expert guest
July 2014: Sherbourne Science Cafe, UK – Public lecture
2013-2014: BBC Radio Devon, Fitz Drive-time News, science expert
July 2013: Naked Scientists Podcast, “planets around other stars”, expert guest

Select Scientific Conferences since 2015:

For a full list of attended conferences see link to complete CV at the top of the page.

June 2021: Frontiers of Science UK-V4 Meeting – Cloudy with a chance of water, Invited Poster, The Royal Society, London, UK – ONLINE
Jan 2021: Planets, exoplanets and their systems in a broad and multidisciplinary context – The role of clouds in exoplanet atmospheres, Invited lesson, Advanced school of the IAA-SO, Granada, Spain – ONLINE
Jan 2021: RAS Specilist Discussion Meeting: Exoplanet modelling in the James Webb Era – Observational challenges when interpreting exoplanet atmospheres – Invited talk, The Royal Astronomical Society, London, UK – ONLINE
Jan 2020: Future exploration of the ice giants – The Exoplanet Perspective, The Royal Society, London, UK
Jan 2020: AAS 235th Winter meetin, Honolulu, USA
– Contributed talk (Exoplanet observations with WFC3’s UVIS grism)
Oct 2019: Bash Symposium, Austin, TX, USA (Exoplanet atmospheres)
Aug 2019: Exoclimes V, University of Oxford, UK – Keynote: Observing Terrestrial Exoplanet Targets
Jan 2019: AAS 233rd Winter meeting, Seattle, USA
– Contributed talk (TRAPPIST-1g)
– contributed poster (ExoCast #ExoCup)
– Hyperwall presentation (Characterizing Exoplanets with JWST)
Mar 2018: European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Liverpool, UK – Invited talks (JWST, Exoplanets)
Mar 2018: UK Exoplanet meeting, Oxford, UK – Contributed talk
Oct 2017: BDExoCon, DE, USA – Invited speaker
July 2017: Transiting Exoplanet Observations with JWST, STScI, MD, USA – Contributed talk
Jan 2017: AAS 229, TX, USA – Contributed talk
Oct 2016: AAS DPS 48/EPSC 11, CA, USA – Contributed talk
Aug 2016: Exoclimes 2016 Conference, BC, Canada – Contributed talk
June 2016: Emerging Research in Exoplanet Science II, Cornell Uni, USA – Contributed talk
Dec 2015: AAS Extreme Solar Systems III conference, Hawaii, USA. Poster
Nov 2015: JWST: Transiting Exopanets workshop, STSci, MD, USA. Workshop Poster
Nov 2015: AAS DPS 47, National Harbor, MD, USA. Dissertation presentation
Sep 2015: Comparative Climate of Terrestrial Planets 2, NASA AMES, USA. Contributed talk
June 2015: From super-Earths to brown dwarfs, IAP, Paris, France – Contributed talk
Mar 2015: UK Exoplanet Meeting, Warwick, UK. Contributed talk

Select Invited Seminars:

For a full list of invited seminar talks see link to complete CV at the top of the page.
July 2020: Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UK – Remote lockdown talk
June 2020: University of Oxford, UK – Physics seminar – Remote lockdown talk
May 2020: Imperial College London, UK – Remote lockdown talk
Feb 2020: University of Bristol, UK – Astrophysics seminar
Apr 2019: American Museum of Natural History, NYC, USA – Astrophysics event
Mar 2019: University of California: Santa Cruz, CA, USA – OWL seminar
Oct 2018: Cornell University, NY, USA – Planetary Lunch Seminar
Aug 2018: University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands – API seminar series.
July 2018: University of Leicester, UK – Colloquium Speaker.
Feb 2017: University of Arizona, AZ, USA – Origins seminar series.
Nov 2016: Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA – CEHW seminar.
Oct 2016: University of California: Santa Cruz, CA, USA – OWL seminar.
Oct 2016: California Institute of Technology, CA, USA – Astrophysics seminar. Oct 2016: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA, USA – Exochem seminar.
Apr 2016: University of Oxford, UK – Planetary seminar.
Apr 2016: University of Cambridge, UK – Astronomy seminar.
Mar 2016: University of Delaware, DE, USA – Astronomy seminar
Nov 2015: Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, MA, USA – Astrophysics seminar.
Oct 2015: Carnegie DTM, Washington DC, USA – DTM seminar.

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