Scientific Data

This page currently contains links to different scientific data sets that have been published in peer reviewed journals.

Generic Grid of ATMO Models

This links to the Library of Far Away Worlds maintained by Dr Jayesh Goyal (Cornell University). Specifically this links to the Generic Grid of ATMO models published in Goyal, et al., 2019, MNRAS.


Condensate Optical Properties

This contains a list of the condensates for which optical idiocies of refraction have been collected. A data file for each condensate listed is available on request.


Mass-Metallicity Data

This contains a downloadable table of the data contained in the Mass-metallicity plot for the giant planets of the solar system and exoplanets.


Transmission Spectra

This page contains .txt file links to published transmission spectra each converted to the same units and format for better comparison. You can find many of these on the webpages, which are also currently supplied by Dr Hannah Wakeford for public and scientific use.

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