Research Presentations

Narrative Seminar – Observation and analysis of exoplanet atmospheres

Here is a link to my seminar presentation slides for 2020. This presentation builds the narrative of work I have been doing since the start of my PhD in 2011 examining exoplanet atmospheres with the Hubble Space Telescope to understand and interpret their nature. It is designed as a 50 minute seminar and thus does not capture it all or other breakthroughs in the field, instead attempts to put it into a single story (not necessarily done in order) about how and why we study exoplanets in detail.


Links to a PDF for specialist talks

Link to videos of Recorded talks

JWST ERS Pre-launch data hackathon 2021

Day 3: From stellar spectra to planetary spectra – Challenges in Exoplanet Timeseries Observations

Hannah Wakeford from Ignas Snellen on Vimeo.

Exoclimes V, University of Oxford, August 2019

Keynote Talk – Giants, Rocks, and Giant Rocks: Observing terrestrial exoplanet targets

Kavli Frontiers of Space Science – Planetary Atmospheres, February 2019

Planetary Atmospheres – Hannah Wakeford, Space Telescope Science Institute from Kavli Frontiers of Science on Vimeo.

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