First Author Papers. . . . . . . . . .
  1. Wakeford, H.R.; Sing, D.K.; Deming, D.; Lewis, N.K.; et al. 2018, The Complete transmission spectrum of WASP-39b with a precise water constraint, AJ, 155
  2. Wakeford, H.R.; Sing, D.K.; Kataria, T.; Deming, D.; et al. 2017, HAT-P-26b: A Neptune-mass exoplanet with a well constrained heavy element abundance, Science, 356, 6338, pp 628-631
  3. Wakeford, H.R.; Stevenson, K.; Lewis, N.K.; Sing, D.K.; et al., 2017HST PanCET program: A Cloudy Atmosphere for the Promising JWST Target WASP-101b, ApJ Letter, 835, 1, L12
  4. Wakeford, H.R.; Visscher, C.; Lewis, N.K.; Kataria, T.; et al., 2017High temperature condensate clouds in super-hot Jupiter atmospheres, MNRAS, 464, 4, 4247-4254
  5. Wakeford, H.R.; Sing, D.K.; Evans, T.; Deming, D.; et al., 2016, Marginalizing instrument systematics in HST WFC3 transit lightcurves, ApJ, 819, 10
  6. Wakeford, H.R. & Sing, D.K., 2015, Transmission Spectral Properties of clouds for hot Jupiter Exoplanets, A&A, 573, A122
  7. Wakeford, H.R.; Sing, D.K.; Deming, D.; Gibson, N.P.; et al., 2013, HST hot Jupiter transmission spectral survey: detection of water in HAT-P-1b from WFC3 near-IR spatial scanobservations, MNRAS, 435, 4, 3481-3493
PhD Thesis. . . . . . . . . .
Wakeford, H.R., 2015, Cloudy with a chance of water: Observations and analysis of hot Jupiter exoplanet atmospheres, PhD in Physics, Doctoral Thesis, University of Exeter


Select Co-Authored Papers. . . . . . . . . .

  1. de Wit, J.; Wakeford, H.R.; Lewis, N.K.; et al., 2018Atmospheric reconnaissance of the habitable-zone Earth-sized planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1, Nature Astronomy,
  2. Evans, T.M; Sing, D.K.; Kataria, T.; Goyal, J.; et al., 2017An ultrahot gas-giant exoplanet with a stratosphere, Nature, 548, 7665, 58-61
  3. Matthias, M. & Wakeford, H.R., 2017,  Near-UV transit photometry of HAT-P-32b with the LBT: Silicate aerosols in the planetary atmosphereAstronomische Nachrichten (AN),  
  4. de Wit, J.; Wakeford, H.R.; Gillon, M.; Lewis, N.K.; et al., 2016, A combined transmission spectrum of the Earth-sized exoplanets TRAPPIST-1 b and c, Nature, 537, 69-72
  5. Evans, T.M.; Sing, D.K.; Wakeford, H.R.; Nikolov, N.; et al., 2016, Detection of H2O and Evidence for TiO/VO in an Ultra-hot Exoplanet Atmosphere, ApJ Letters, 822, L4
  6. Sing, D.K.; Fortney, J.J.; Nikolov, N.; Wakeford, H.R.; et al., 2016, A continuum from clear to cloudy hot-Jupiter exoplanets without primordial water depletion, Nature, 529, 59-62
  7. Sing, D.K.; Wakeford, H.R.; Showman, A.P.; Nikolov, N.; et al., 2014, HST hot-Jupiter transmission spectral survey: detection of potassium in WASP-31b along with a cloud-deck and Rayleigh scattering, MNRAS, 446, 3, 2428-2443
  8. Nikolov, N.; Sing, D.K.; Pont, F.; Burrows, A.S.; et al., 2014, Hubble Space Telescope hot Jupiter transmission spectral survey: a detection of Na and strong optical absorption in HAT-P-1b, MNRAS, 437, 46-66
  9. Sing, D.K.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Fortney, J.J.; Burrows, A.S.; et al., 2013, HST hot-Jupiter transmission spectral survey: evidence for aerosols and lack of TiO in the atmosphereof WASP-12b, MNRAS, 436, 2956-2973
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